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the muppets vs lcd soundsystem…and a little rant.

Honestly, nothing could go wrong with this combo (The Muppets and LCD, that is). Continue reading ‘the muppets vs lcd soundsystem…and a little rant.’


everybody loves eric

Based on a character called ‘Stephane’ inspired by the French artist/producer Mr Oizo, this fluffy muppet of yellow – built by Jim Henson’s Creature Shop – became known as Flat Eric and burst into popular culture folklore following a 1999 Levi’s ad campaign directed by Oizo.

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go granny go!

Wonder how much dick she had to suck to get where she is?

the archive

A friend sent me this video a few years ago, which I had completely forgot about until I came across it again the other day. It’s a lovely little film and very cleverly put together.

There’s not much else to say really, except that I really hope Paul either kept his beloved collection or found a price that they deserved. Enjoy!

The Archive. A film by Sean Dunne

…and what’s it like when you’re in the middle?

There’s only so long I could hold out until I posted a clip of Peep Show. They just keep delivering the goods. Series 7 this year!

how to accept an award…

Another reason why Karin Dreijer Andersson is awesome.

the first post…

Hi and welcome to beats and pieces…a blog about music, with a focus on mainly the electronic and dance side of the spectrum.

So what am I peddling here? Well to be honest I’m not entirely sure yet, but you can rest assured that this page will be a whole lot more than simply another outlet to access music, which frankly there is more than enough of on the web.

Though having said that, there’ll still be plenty of room for new music! So to get things started, here’s a new(ish) track “I’ll Be Gone” from Lithuanian producer Mario Basanov, with a rather fantastic video clip.

Stay tuned…

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