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the art of the prodigy

A trip through the best album and EP art of The Prodigy at Pulse Radio.

djs on the state of the dance music scene

A recent piece I put together for Pulse Radio.

a chat with ewan pearson

Had the opportunity to interview Ewan Pearson recently, which was a bit of a thrill to be honest, as he is right up there as one of my favourite DJs and producers. Ten minutes literally flew by and before I knew it, it was all over. Still have a stack of questions left on my laptop which I aim to get answered one day soon!

You can check out the Q&A with Ewan at inthemix.

best of 2010 :

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fuji rock ’10

Japan, mountains, music, a drop of rain & good times = Fuji Rock Festival 2010. Find out what went down at Pulse Radio.

kasper bjørke: the great dane

“If you type the name Filur into Youtube, chances are you might stumble across a few vocal house memories from the past decade. There is, however, far more to Kasper Bjorke than a bunch of commercial dance tracks he once made with his mate TomasWho Made WhoBarfod. Add a successful DJ career to the list as well as remixes for high profile names like Trentemoller, The Ting Tings and Icelandic band Múm under the nom de plume Kasper Bjorke & His Friendly Ghost, and it’s clear that this is a guy who’s not content in sticking to just the one thing.”

Q&A @ inthemix

ready or not…boadicea.

I like Enya. There I said it. I think it’s mostly one of those childhood things though. You know, the music you hear as a kid having an impact. Her voice still conjures up hazy memories that, for some reason, mostly feature images of Ken Done paintings. Weird.

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survival of the independent record store

Some day this month, Vinyl Junkies, one of the few surviving independent record stores on London’s infamous Berwick Street, will close its doors for the last time. What was once “a mecca for any self-respecting record collector”, Berwick Street is now a living example of the effects of mp3 culture, with only three record stores still left standing.

It’s been the same tale for years now: record stores are dying off, and Sydney is no exception. Whether they will completely disappear or not is anyone’s guess. beats & pieces asked two surviving Sydney stores, both operating within different markets, how and why they have managed to stay viable and relevant.

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Q&A with…tim hardaker

From its humble beginnings in a Sydney bedroom back in 2000, inthemix has since grown to become Australia’s leading dance music website. To help celebrate their 10th birthday, beats & pieces quizzed former Editor and now General Manager, Tim Hardaker, about his who, what and where highlights and insights.

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90s dance

There’s this article that I read somewhere recently but I can’t for the life of me remember where it came from. I think it was in a magazine. You know that reading paraphernalia made out of paper which will probably be close to obsolete in about 10 years? Yeah that one. Anyway Continue reading ’90s dance’

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