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Q&A with regurgitator

A little Q&A with Quan from Aussie rock/electronic/hip-hop band Regurgitator…over here.

kim ann foxman – much more than a love affair

Miss Foxman has just recorded the latest podcast for Pulse Radio. Check out the Q&A that goes with it, where she confesses her distaste for the current American ‘rave’ scene. We dig this chick!

arnaud rebotini – someone gave him a synth

I interviewed the tres cool French producer recently. Check it out at Pulse Radio.

the art of the prodigy

A trip through the best album and EP art of The Prodigy at Pulse Radio.

djs on the state of the dance music scene

A recent piece I put together for Pulse Radio.

a chat with ewan pearson

Had the opportunity to interview Ewan Pearson recently, which was a bit of a thrill to be honest, as he is right up there as one of my favourite DJs and producers. Ten minutes literally flew by and before I knew it, it was all over. Still have a stack of questions left on my laptop which I aim to get answered one day soon!

You can check out the Q&A with Ewan at inthemix.

best of 2010 :

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