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classics #8

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classics #7

You don’t have to click very far to see how constantly name checked Leftfield are. ‘Game-changers’, ‘defining electronica act of the 90s’, ‘highly influential’…you get the idea. Pretty impressive considering their catalogue consists of only two albums. Continue reading ‘classics #7’

classics #6

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classics #5

Want to know how you scored a radio friendly house hit in the early to mid 90s? Continue reading ‘classics #5’

classics #4

I won’t pretend to know anything about the British rock group The Smiths, because I don’t. Except that Morrissey was their lead singer… Continue reading ‘classics #4’

classics #3

Most go for the ‘Tracey In My Room” bootleg, and if you’re opting for the perfect sun-drenched dance floor moment,¬† then that Ben Watt mash-up of Everything But The Girl’s “Wrong” and Soul Vision’s “Come Into My Room” really is the perfect choice. You literally couldn’t escape the track in any bar or club throughout the 00’s.

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classics #2

What do you get when you appropriate a famous tongue-twister rhyme used to help children with speech impediments, lay it down over a playground hip-hop break, and then score it to a pair of life-sized muppets running around Melbourne  getting into all sorts of mischief?

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