b&p mix 05

photo : sabre the cat

Conquering Animal Sound is James Scott & Anneke Kampman – a two-piece from Glasgow who craft sparkling electronic pop. Their debut album Kammerspiel, released in February, has been garnering plenty of well-deserved praise, pricking up ears across the UK and Europe to all the way down here in Australia.

Currently gigging their live show at European venues and festivals, they kindly took some time out to put together this half hour mix of everything from experimental pop and techno to ambient and abstract noise. They had this to say about it…

It’s a mix of our favourite artists, some of our friends, a couple of CAS related tracks (Traps and Cages is Anneke’s new solo thing, a collab with Dam Mantle, and there’s a remix of CAS too). We thought it’d be kinda fun to try and explain the Conquering Animal Sound world in it, so there’s a lot of different stuff going on..

Kammerspiel is available now on Gizeh Records. Buy it. Your ears will thank you. Then listen to this mix. Your brain will give you a high five.

b&p 05 : conquering animal sound

Click play to stream or arrow on right hand side to download

1. Stella Om Source – Island Best (Self released)
2. Fox Gut Daata – Head Server Era (Self released)
3. Outdoor Racket – Matthew David (Unreleased)
4. Uffie – Pop The Glock (Ellen Allien Remix) (Ed Banger)
5. Traps And Cages – Peanutsandmaize (Unreleased)
6. Broadcast – Creation Day The Travel Flute Way (Warp)
7. Dam Mantle – We (Unreleased)
8. Forest Swords – Miarches (Olde English Spelling Bee)
9. Stephan Bodzin – Vendett (Herzblut)
10. Conquering Animal Sound – Wasp (Iliop Remix) (Gizeh)
11. Mike Posner – Please Don’t Go (J)
12. Fieldhead – An Arrow (Gizeh)
13. Dam Mantle feat. Anneke Kampman – Ashore (Unreleased)
14. How To Dress Well – You Won’t Need Me Where I’m Goin’ (Lefse)

1 Response to “b&p mix 05”

  1. 1 Gertrud Jammipants April 25, 2011 at 6:04 PM

    brain high five! yeh! i like.

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