b&p mix 04

Sydney’s DJ Brevil, AKA Dale Stephen, has been kind enough to serve up the latest mix for us. A purveyor of all things disco, funk, soul, house and dub, Dale mixes it all up every Saturday from 11am-2pm on his radio show Overeasy on Bondi FM – which he’s been doing for a mighty 11 years now. If you like you’re funk then get ready, because this one’s a cracker.

So Dale, when was it that you first discovered disco and house?

I discovered house music in my early to mid twenties – that was around 1986 when it was first imported out here via the inner city/gay scene and warehouse parties. There were lots of English DJs and different crews around that time coming here and throwing parties and there was a really thriving scene around Kings Cross, Darlinghurst and also parties at the Hordern Pavilion and the old Paintworks in Glebe.

And did you start DJing around that time?

No I was actually playing in a rock ‘n’ roll/rockabilly band then. That was my previous career. But of course I then discovered going out and dancing all night, so I sort of had this double life where I was playing double bass till midnight and then heading out to the clubs afterwards.

I grew up on the Gold Coast and a good friend of mine Scott Thompson was a DJ there so I used to go and watch him play and I thought to myself, “Hey I could give that a go”. But I was convinced I was a musician and not a DJ…and now I kind of wish I had started then! So no I didn’t actually start DJing until the mid 90s.

Tell us how your show on Bondi FM came about.

I was doing a couple of shows on Rhythm FM; a new music show and a breakfast show. That was around 2000 I think. Then that station folded and a couple of weeks later I got a contact number for one of the new owners of Bondi FM and they were happy for me to start a new show from scratch with them.

You’ve been doing some of your own production work recently. Can you tell us a bit about that?

There’s a label from Sweden who have thrown me some stuff and they’re going to release three of my tracks on an EP. I won’t mention who they are just yet but they’re a pretty well known beats label that have been around for seven years or so. I’ve also got a friend in New York that I’m doing some stuff for too. Nothing’s been released as yet, but it’s all on the way in the next few months.

So it’s all slowly coming together. I’ve been a musician for a long time but I’ve actually only been producing stuff on the computer for about two years and I’m still learning all the programs and studio techniques.

And what about the last track on the mix?

That’s a secret…

b&p 04 : dj brevil

(click to stream or right click to download)


1. Stephanie Mills – Watcha Gonna Do (Brevil edit)
2. The Revenge – Just Be Good To Me (Dub)
3 Tina Turner – Let’s Stay Together (Revenge rework)
4 Duff Disco – Alive
5. LTJ – On The Floor
6. Tornado Wallace – Swimmin’
7. The Mole – Rotation
8. Mark E – unknown ?
9. Kaoru Inque – The Secret Field (Brevil vs TT edit)
10. Kora -Flow (Crazy P remix)
11. Michael Jackson – Don’t Stop Till You Get Enough (T & T edit)
12. Tele Music – Myster Rock (Idjut Boys edit)
13. Lead Brevil – Hole Love

4 Responses to “b&p mix 04”

  1. 1 Noah DiNoia January 4, 2012 at 5:43 AM

    Digging the podcasts, and wanted to grab ’em all… where’s the link to #4?! Thanks!

  2. 4 Bane January 10, 2012 at 10:10 AM

    January 10, 2012 at 9:59 AM
    Greetings DJ Breville, very glad I had the opportunity to find out how much of your work as a DJ, what we had available that I listened and I really like. My name is Bane I am from Serbia, and now specifically to cross to the question / / / dj Breville – wanted dub vs the new dance show, really a very good thing you did. I’m working on national radio Belgrade 202 Disco meetings. Is there the ability to get a good shot dj Breville – wanted the dub vs. new dance show
    Thanks in advance! Bane
    Here’s something for you so enjoy!

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