danuel tate – mexican hotbox

According to Danuel Tate, a Mexican Hotbox is when you “go into a hotel bathroom with friends, turn on the shower real hot, let it steam up, smoke a couple… and then try to escape before you pass out”. The title could not be more fitting for the Canadian producer’s debut album; a quirky jazz romp propelled by minimal house beats that would perfectly soundtrack such tomfoolery.

Tate – most notably known as keyboardist for the revered Canadian “techno” outfit Cobblestone Jazz – comes from a traditional jazz background and it shows, as the entire album is like a one-man freeform jam session. Acoustic guitars, cheeky brass, organic sounding percussion and playful, wandering piano chords are all held together by 4/4 rhythms, analogue bleeps and eccentric grooves; like a house head got together with his record collecting, jazz-loving grandpa and the two had a session on the decks – most probably in a steamy bathroom.

In short: if you dig the grooves of Cobblestone Jazz and most of the output from the Wagon Repair label, then this one’s sure to make you moist too.

(From 3D World Sydney Issue #1044)

buy album here

Danuel Tate – Careful Mind


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