everybody loves eric

Based on a character called ‘Stephane’ inspired by the French artist/producer Mr Oizo, this fluffy muppet of yellow – built by Jim Henson’s Creature Shop – became known as Flat Eric and burst into popular culture folklore following a 1999 Levi’s ad campaign directed by Oizo.

Levi’s Sta-Prest Commercial 1

The first track you can hear in the advert is Oizo’s own “Flat Beat”, which Eric also starred in the video clip for and it sees the little guy taking care of his important business affairs, whilst also sharing his love of the bass heavy tune over the telephone. It’s some funny, funny shit.

Mr. Oizo – Flat Beat

The little ball of fluff seemed to tap into peoples’ love of, erm, muppets doing humorous things in real life scenarios and thus became a worldwide cult phenomenon, even making a cameo in the BBC comedy The Office.

The Office – Season 1, Ep 1 (skip to 3.31)

But all that was quite a time ago now, and apart from an extremely brief appearance in a Mr. Oizo track in 2008, Eric has since been MIA. Surely it’s time for a comeback. Mr. Oizo?

* Edit: In a bit of a funny coincidence, after writing this post, I discovered through one of the related posts at the bottom of this page that Flat Eric made a comeback earlier this year in a new video directed by Mr. Oizo. It’s titled “Where’s The Money George?” and appears to follow on from the storyline of the original Levis commercials. Welcome back Eric!

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