classics #3

Most go for the ‘Tracey In My Room” bootleg, and if you’re opting for the perfect sun-drenched dance floor moment,  then that Ben Watt mash-up of Everything But The Girl’s “Wrong” and Soul Vision’s “Come Into My Room” really is the perfect choice. You literally couldn’t escape the track in any bar or club throughout the 00’s.

Though in 1996, four years before “Tracey In My Room” was conceived, there were two remixes by Todd Terry and Deep Dish that accompanied the original “Wrong” single. Of course it was Terry’s remix that received the most attention, mainly because of his hugely successful remix of EBTG’s “Missing” a couple of years before. However it’s the 12 minutes of gorgeous deep house that Deep Dish pull off that’s the real gem. OK so maybe it could’ve been about 4 minutes shorter, but still, it reminds you of how good Deep Dish were before they became, well, shit.

Everything But The Girl – Wrong (Deep Dish Remix)

1 Response to “classics #3”

  1. 1 Herbert Hogglebot August 15, 2010 at 11:37 PM

    before they came…. well.. shit. true dat sadly.

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