90s dance

There’s this article that I read somewhere recently but I can’t for the life of me remember where it came from. I think it was in a magazine. You know that reading paraphernalia made out of paper which will probably be close to obsolete in about 10 years? Yeah that one. Anywaythe basic gist of the article claimed that, to some extent, there exists a 20 year revival or mimic period within music – i.e. – the 70s had its 1950s rock ‘n’ roll revival, the 80s reflected the 60s, the 90s the 70s and then of course the noughties had its 80s electro/synth-pop, disco and post-punk fascinations.

So, if this theory is true, then we should be seeing the re-emergence of the 90s pretty soon yeah? Well let’s see now; Australia has already witnessed the R&B girl group Salt ‘N’ Pepa and commercial house outfit Black Box touring the country earlier this year – Black Box even made an appearance on *shudder* Channel 7’s Morning Show (watch only if want to see Larry Emdur try and be ‘cool’. Fuck it’s painful).

But really that’s just artists cashing in on former glories. What we’re talking about here is newly recorded music that reflects the 90s. Well, yes that’s happening too. Canadian duo Azari & III have been releasing cuts on labels like I’m A Cliché and Permanent Vacation that hark back to that early to mid-90’s Chicago house sound – most notably evident on their track “Reckless (With Your Love)”.

A project by the name of Duff Disco has also released a dubby vinyl edit of the 1996 hit “Return Of The Mac” by English R&B singer Mark Morrison. It’s not necessarily a wholly new production, but a 90s rework nonetheless.

Azari & III – Reckless (With Your Love)

Duff Disco – Return Of The Duff

There is no doubt plenty more out there as well as plenty more to come and I must say that I’m both slightly excited and nervous about the potential gems and horrors inevitably on their way.

2 Responses to “90s dance”

  1. 1 sophiehirst April 11, 2010 at 10:47 PM

    so right on. ive heard one of the major labels is soon to put out a compilation of 90’s alternative aus rock bands – think custard, early grinspoon, jebediah, tism, regurgitator, spiderbait, you am i, frenzel rhomb.

    i reckon it has something to do with getting to 36, and being obsessed with what you were listening to when you were 16.

    ps how about Powderfinger splitting! end of an era, but happy to see that one go…

  2. 2 henry April 11, 2010 at 11:46 PM

    Ahh the Gurge…how i loved thee.

    Yep so true – you always maintain the softest spot for the music that shaped your tastes as a teen.

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